Ownership Forms

Section 16 filings (Form’s 3, 4 and 5) provide the public with current and updated information on share ownership. Each form has specific requirements of when it must be completed by. Our SEC filing calendar (click here) shows required timing of these filings.

Our proprietary software allows all of our attorneys, companies and individuals to have their own user name and password to upload their filings on their own time at a discounted rate.

It automatically validates at each step for SEC compliance and prompts you to fill in the information as you proceed. We have made sure that adding, editing, and deleting a footnote is done effortlessly. Most of all, we keep enhancing the features as per the feedback from users.

Our software is very user-friendly and includes features such as real-time EDGAR validation and footnote manager. Contact us to find out more about pricing options and set up an account. You will be filing your own Section 16 forms in no time!