SEC requires that all Issuers must post their XBRL files on their corporate website if they have one. It must be posted within 24 hours of filing with SEC. This requirement can add an unwanted burden on companies who don’t have an established IT department to handle it real time.

Providing a link to website with their filings to visitors isn’t good enough. Notion is that it’s important to make your XBRL files accessible to third party renderers so the SEC XBRL team decided to accomplish this by having your XBRL files stored outside EDGAR as well.

While you can spend hundreds of dollars by employing an IT person to post XBRL files each time, Discount EDGAR provides most cost effective solution. Charges from other Filers could be as high as $1,500/year for this. We bring this service to you at considerably lower rates. With a yearly fee, we can post and host all your data on our server and we will continually update your SEC filings page with EDGAR and XBRL filings in real time. All you need to do is add a link on your corporate website Investors/SEC Filings page (or something similar) and direct that link to your page on our website. Our IT team can help you do this one time update on your site.

Altenatively you can post XBRL data yourself following below instructions:

Upload the six XBRL files (raw data) sent by Discount EDGAR to the Company’s website drectory of your choice. Provide a link to these files from your Investor Relations or SEC Filings webpage.You may also provide the link to your Company’s SEC filings for a viewable format of XBRL. These files are required to be up there for at least a year.